Photojournalism: stuff coming directly from content contributors in Berlin.

Contact methods: via comments on this page or on our main page, wikinews030

Commenting methods: either anonymously just for fun (as “Mr Blog Reader”, “Mrs Page Visitor”, “Miss Net Surfer” or “John Doe”. We reserve the right to choose which comments we publish) or with your nick and real email address (or real name and email or artist name and email) for contact with a note clarifying whether you want your comment online.

Content contributor names are linked to their own pages (or directly to their mailboxes if chosen by them). Please respect author and photographer copyrights. Most of them don’t mind if their picture is being used in return for an other payment than in hard currency (add their name and link to our page as your source anyway please), but they are for editorial use only. If you are interested in a picture, get in contact first. Established media: please be aware that our contributors are way beyond internship age and don’t like being screwed over so prepare for a normal bill.




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