Light Installation at former Berlin Wall for anniversary that overlayed former November pogrom memorial day – Nov 9, 2014

Copyrights for these pictures were granted to us by a neighbour of the Moritzhof in Berlin. Owner of the professional photo bomber visible in these pictures lent the trained animal for this photo shooting with explicit approval and was presented the pictures before publishing. Same procedure here also: contact us first if you’re interested in using one of these pictures, especially if you’re not part of a citizen initiative related to this gallery but interested in editorial use (which is the only one we agree to) for an estalished medium instead.

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On Nov 9th, 2015 Berlin was celebrating 25th annuary of Berlin Wall’s fall with a light installation. The celebrations were huge. So huge and packed that owners of animals like the one in the picture had serious trouble to find a place to pee for their four-legged family members. There are a lot of four-legged family members in this city (area where these pictures were taken included). But this is just an additional teardrop, adding to the fact that these celebrations fused forgetfulness while overlaying the former november pogrom night memorial day (“Kristallnacht“). Which is why we counter in this very text line with a Kristallnaach memorial link. The singer of this song may be not among us anymore, but the topic is unfortunately more vivid than ever. (An a bit louder Kristallnaach version ist here, a studio version.)

Place where pictures were taken: Berlin 10437, Schwedter Straße nearby crossing with Gleimstraße and Gleimstraße on western part of the tunnel, with a view to the East. The pale white dot you see in the tunnel picture is one of the light installation lamps.

Time pictures were taken: November 2014, days surrounding the light installation happening



















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