Gallery 2: Grün statt Groth: Berlin Moritzhof/Stadtbauernhof at the former Wall in Berlin, nearby the Mauerpark

Photographer and pic copyright: Anna Panek

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Content description: collection of pictures of a pretty nicely done and pretty huge transparent hanging on the wall of the “Moritzhof”, a “Stadtbauernhof”* in Berlin directly at the former Berlin Wall. Those Berlin tourists on bike you see in the last picture are being shown where the wall was standing and coincidentally get a perfect view at the transparent at the very same time. The area around is under some stress currently. The Mauerpark was supposed to be way larger than the current plans. Some Mr. Groth has managed to drain rather huge sums of money from public cash boxes. Now he is building something in direct neighbourhood of the Moritzhof. People are grumpy, especially as they would have preferred some good shelters or flats for refugees right where he builds now, instead of just another profit collection for Groth. Plus, the rest of the area is endangered now, too. Note that trains deporting jews in world war II times were departing from the train station that was not far away from the picture you see (“Güterbahnhof der Nordbahn” or sometimes “Nordbahnhof”). There could be a commemoration park there. Instead – according to all currently available evidence – Groth seems to still plan some palaces there. The area in dispute was once promised to the people fighting for this public space. The Berlin Senat found ways around fulfilling this given promise. People are grumpy and seem not to prepare for giving up that easily. Future will tell how this (hi)story will be written on.

Place: Berlin 10437

Crossing between Schwedter Staße and Kopenhagener Straße

Pictures were taken: Autumn 2015 (and the transparent was still there when a certain Nullnummer car parked a few months later less than 10 meters away from the Berlin tourists you see in the pic. Let’s give the person in this certain Nullnummer car a chance to see what s/he might have missed while being “busy with something else” according to the driver).

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*a “Stadtbauernhof” is a city farm – an educational farmyard for kids, one of many in the city but with a special history as you may imagine when you see a city farm standing right at the former Berlin Wall.

















seriously now.


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